Motivation life changing retreat Koh Samui, Thailand

The Life Change People

Motivation retreats Koh Samui, ThailandJanuary 1-14, 2010
Introductory talks are on January 1st and 8th at 6.30pm

Make Your New Years Wish Come True.......

For over 20 years Alex Gunn and Chrissy Richman have been helping people make amazing changes. Literally making wishes come true.

They work with lots of busy successful people amongst which are top journalists, lawyers, doctors, designers, film makers and those in the arts and media, all of which have successful careers but also lead complicated and stressful lives and often face difficult situations.

Their unique approach effectively overcomes problems and can facilitate change in all areas of life; from weight loss... to overcoming stress and increasing confidence.... to work and relationship dilemmas.

The scope of their work is broad, over the last year their clients have...

-   Lost weight, cut down drinking and succeed in maintaining healthy living plans.
-   Increased confidence, overcome depression and written a best selling novel.
-   Re-charged batteries, sorted out worries and continued a hectic life as a film director.
-   Changed career completely and now work in Africa running a Safari Reserve.
-   Addressed relationship problems, anxiety and work life balance.  

Their work is difficult to categorize and in high demand. It is effective, efficient and based upon a range of evidence based interventions combining recent advances in motivational psychology, executive coaching and accurate personality profiling.

They have been working closely over the past twelve years with new ideas about motivational psychology, pioneered by the Emeritus Professor Dr Bill Miller. After training with Dr Miller and the originators of this new approach they now form part of the international network.

They work in England and Thailand and run a company of senior practitioners called The Life Change People.

"...with Alex and Chrissy of The Life Change People I suddenly knew that I had hit the jackpot." Tania Cagnoni, Conde Naste Editor and Travel Writer.

"Their sessions were more effective than I ever dared hope, it felt like taking a hoover to the dust in my brain." Dan Davies. Ass. Editor Esquire Magazine.