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Breaking Unhelpful Patterns with Dare Dairo

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and tending towards depression? Do you repeat negative patterns of behavior even though you’re fully aware that they don’t serve you in any way? On more difficult days do you find yourself wondering whether you’re obsessed or even addicted?

If so, you can choose to do something now to put an end to harmful or simply useless patterns in your life. UK-trained support and addiction counselor Dare Dairo is available by appointment at Kamalaya to listen, to understand, and to offer simple but effective solutions to the dilemmas you face.

Dare, known as Dee, began his career in counseling nine years ago at Irish Centre Housing, ICH, a London association providing accommodation and support to single homeless people. He worked with post-rehabilitation clients, re-integrating them back into their communities.

From ICH Dee moved to St. Mangoes, also in London, where he was a substance use worker, and then on to the city’s Camden area. In Camden he supported the Crime Reductions Unit, working with other agencies to provide care options and solutions to street workers, alcoholics, drug addicts and the homeless.

In 2007 Dee took up a key role with the Blenheim CDP Portobello Road project in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood, providing a comprehensive support service tailored to client needs. Last year Dee moved to Thailand to work with Channah Thailand, Asia's leading residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for English speaking clients. 

As a visiting practitioner at Kamalaya, Dee offers an empathetic yet direct approach grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to solve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions and behaviors through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure. He is available to work with Kamalaya guests on issues including addiction, relapse prevention, relapse warning signs, triggers, cravings, high-risk situations, and the cycle of change.