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  Music workshops with Anne Ridgway  
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Sound Therapy Treatments and Singing Workshop with Anne Ridgway

12th - 23rd April 2013

The pure clear vibrations and harmonics of therapeutic sound instruments have the unique capacity to restore our natural resonance and bring us back into harmonic balance. Therapeutic sound has always been used to heal and bring balance to the many aspects of our being. It has been linked with all the great spiritual philosophies of the world. Therapeutic sound incorporates a multitude of tools and instruments as well as the voice, toning and mantras for sacred purposes. Working with one or more of these mediums with the attitude of dedication and devotion invokes a particular type of intention into the vibrations of the sound created. When we work in this manner the sound instruments, tools, tones and mantras become sacred instruments of power. Therapeutic sound can therefore not only help towards spiritual development, but also balance and harmonize us as whole beings and ultimately it can act as an energetic body builder and cleanser. It allows old, stagnant and unhealthy energies to be cleared away and transformed and replaced with new, clear and pure harmonic vibrational energies. It restores our natural resonance bringing us from a state of disharmony, manifesting as stress, tension and dis-ease to a state of balance, peace and harmony that ultimately leads to ease and positive well-being.
Therapeutic Sound has the wonderful capacity to work on many levels. The sound resonance is sympathetic in that it has the innate capacity to be attracted to the area that is in need. It is as though the sound recognizes dissonant vibrations and seeks somehow to transform them into harmonic frequencies once more.

About Anne Ridgway:
Anne Ridgway has used her voice as a healing instrument for around 10 years, both as a songwriter and in also conducting workshops on the healing power of the voice and song in many different forums from Palliative Care Conferences to Meditation Centres. She holds a Certificate in Sound Therapy and a Diploma in Sound Therapy Practice, enabling her to work as a full-time sound - healing practitioner in Australia through the Colour of Sound Institute in the UK. Having studied singing for over 15 years she is also facilitating a ‘Singing for Health and Well-being’ Workshop whilst at Kamalaya. Anne is able to offer techniques for gaining the most in breathing capacity for singing which enables people to sing very freely, promoting optimum health. Join her in unleashing the potential for experiencing the well - being, joy and empowerment that comes from singing in a community spirit.