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Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa Resort News 2011


Feel Life’s Potential Reward

September 1st - October 31st, 2011

Many of us know and admire someone who has dedicated their life to serving others. You may know them personally, you may have heard about them from someone else, or perhaps you were on the receiving end of their selfless service. If you know such a person or people, it’s likely that you have wished for them to be recognized or rewarded.
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Asarnha Bucha Day

July 15th
Here at Kamalaya we’ve just celebrated Asarnha Bucha day paying respects to the local monks. "Asarnha Bucha" means paying homage and worshiping on the day identified according to the lunar calendar during the eighth month. In the Pali language, ‘Asanha’ is the name of the eighth month. In Thailand, Asarnha Bucha Day (Asanha Puja Day) is one of the government holidays or the public holiday. This day is one of the most sacred in Buddhism. It is a Buddhist festival which typically takes place in July, on the fifteenth day of the waxing moon of the eighth lunar month. It commemorates the day on which Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon called “the Dhammachakapavattana Sutta” to his first five chief disciples at the Deer Park in Benares more than two thousand five hundred years ago. In this holy day, Buddhists all over the country observe the day by presenting offerings to the monks, listening to the sermons, and performing ritual prayers. Many guests came to take part in the ceremonies that took place in the Yantra Hall on this auspicious day.

Donation for the victims of tsunami in Japan

April 4th
Donation for the victims of tsunami in Japan
Kamalaya will donate 50% of your session fee (Shiatsu with Yutaka Homma) to be distributed directly among the affected population of the earthquake & tsunami via: Japanese Red Cross Society

About Namikoshi Shiatsu
Namikoshi Shiatsu, a manual therapy developed in Japan through a synthesis of Eastern and Western medical concepts, uses mankind’s most ancient medical tools – the human hand and human hearts – to treat the patient using a holistic approach that stimulates the body’s own natural self-healing power to correct imbalances and effect a cure from within.

Kamalaya Gallery presents Dialogues of Time and Nature By Robert Powell

The Exhibition runs through 30th June 2011
The Gallery will be open everyday from 10.00 – 19.00 hrs.
If you are interest in any art please contact the retail staff or Kamalaya Reception

Robert Powell was born in Sydney in 1948, and studied humanities and architecture in Australia. He came to Asia in 1974 and was in India when Ladakh was opened t foreigners for the first time.He spent 7 months there documenting its Tibetan Architecture. That experience was the beginning of a lifelong exploration of Asian cultures, inspired by their material manifestations and especially their traditional architectures.

Since then he has lived and worked in Asia, mostly in the Himalayas, in Nepal, India, Pakistan and also China and Japan. Since 2004 he has been based in Thailand and has begun a series of paintings from Angkor, and the south East Asian region. His sketchbooks, measured drawings, and photographs from more than three decades in Asia continue to inspire current works. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited and published widely and are the subject of two books.
Robert Powell is Kamalaya’s architect. As an architect and artist whose interest in vernacular building has kept him in Asia for 30 years, he nevertheless thought that the typical “Thai-style” villa would really be an anomaly on this site. This type of structure, traditionally rooted in the North amongst expanses of rice fields, seemed an inappropriate response to the hilly, rocky beachside of Koh Samui. Instead, the style of Kamalaya is “simple tropical modern.”

Robert will be offering a Kamalaya Site Tour & Gallery Visit every Thursday from 14.00 – 15.30 ( Meet at Alchemy lounge) as part of our holistic activity schedule.

Evening Concert with Gottfried Kling and Friends

Tuesday 15th March
Concert by hang musician Gottfried Kling, who lately has been serenading Kamalaya guests around the grounds. You may have heard him improvising in harmony with the birds, offering meditative melodies in the Monks’ Cave, or adding a reflective touch to your wheatgrass juice and muesli in the morning. Gottfried will be joined by Nai Noi on his lap tapping, finger picking acoustic guitar, Soon on percussion and Noi on violin.

Nai Noi, has a virtuosic tapping and finger-picking guitar style that could fool listeners into believing they are hearing several different instruments being masterfully plucked, beaten, tapped and caressed, in unison. The eclectic fusion of sounds composed and played by the maestro has gained the forty-eight-year-old musician from Bangkok an enviable reputation amongst music fans and contemporaries throughout Thailand and beyond. Tapping is a playing technique that was originally linked to the electric guitar, although Noi uses an acoustic guitar he named, Nuen Anoung, which he says means ‘beautiful lady’.

Gottfried Kling left his home in Switzerland for New Zealand in the 1980s, living as a farmer by day and a drummer by night in the clubs. While he plays the flute and didgeridoo as well, he only fell in love with his instrument of choice, the hang, three years ago while visiting the town of Pai in northern Thailand. The hang is a UFO-shaped instrument about the size of a Jeep tire. It sounds a bit like a mix of steel drum and xylophone, with a mellow tone. Gottfried has been composing hang melodies ever since.

Piano Meditation Concert by Maneesh de Moor

23rd February 2011 (18:00 - 19:00 at Yantra Hall)

Like a quiet lake in the early morning hours, within us all there is a still point of inner peace and calm. In this solo piano meditation concert, acclaimed keyboardist and composer Maneesh de Moor creates a fluid soundscape to help guide us into our inner sanctuary. Blending soothing piano tones with intentional spaciousness and subtle layers of atmospheric keyboards, this meditative experience offers you an opportunity to let go of your worries of the day and open up to the tranquil beauty of the present moment.

Maneesh de Moor was born in the Netherlands and is based in Bangkok, Thailand. An accomplished pianist, composer, and producer, de Moor has collaborated with Deva Premal, Praful, Sudha, Prem Joshua and many others and specializes in the crossover between ethnic and popular music; between natural and electronic sounds. For more information about Maneesh de Moor, visit www.mdmsound.com

Mystic World Beat Concert

19th February 2011
Fantuzzi, Bobby Parrs, Danny Paradise and Friends

Fantuzzi - A Global Troubadour
Fantuzzi is a world-class musical star who is charismatic, funny, sensual, and highly-energized and will definitely get you moving. A continuous world traveler to over 50 countries throughout the past 35 years, Fantuzzi has performed on every continent at thousands of events including those at Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit, Los Angeles and Oakland Coliseums as well as at all 3 Woodstocks, 3 Khumba Melas, 29 Rainbow Gatherings, multiple Cannabis Cups, European Festivals, Bali Festivals, Australian Festivals, Harmony Festivals, Bhakti Festivals, Mystic Garden Parties, and Raw Spirit Festivals.

Bobby Parrs - A brillant musician of many genres
Danny Paradise - Touring the world for 32 years as a musician, songwriter and Yoga Teacher

Chinese New Year Celebration

Thursday 3rd February, 2011

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the Year of the Golden Rabbit, beginning on February 3rd, 2011 and ending on January 22nd, 2012. The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animals signs. The Rabbit is a lucky sign. Rabbits are private individuals and a bit introverted. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are reasonably friendly individuals who enjoy the company of a group of good friends. They are good teachers, counselors and communicators, but also need their own space.

Our Celebration Program
18:30 hrs - Cocktail reception at Yoga Pavilion
19:30 hrs - Chinese & Thai Buffet Dinner at Yantra Hall
20:15 hrs - Taekwondo show
20: 30 hrs - Thai Classic Dance shows
21:30 hrs - Beach activities: Floating Lanterns, Fire dance, Firecrackers and Fireworks at Kamalaya Beach

Fire Ceremony

Friday, 14th  January 2011 (11.30 hrs at Yantra Hall)

The Fire Ceremony - Sanskrit Havan or Homa - is an ancient sacred Indian ritual. It consists of offering foods and our prayers to the fire representing the Sun as the giver of life and light.  The sacred fire consumes our offerings and our prayers. The smoke which rises purifies the atmosphere and carries our prayers to the subtle dimensions of creation, whereas the ashes are traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

Sri Babaji said, “Havan is that which brings rain, which brings grain”. Creation stems from Havan as the manifest form of Divine Beings. Whatever we offer goes directly to the Gods invoked. Doing Havan brings happiness and the joys of life, good thoughts and love for one another. The smoke removes what is harmful in the atmosphere and attracts what is good, thereby increasing abundance and prosperity in the world. The Object of this Havan is World Peace and Prosperity

Kitchari Bhandara
Sri Munirajj, a saint on visit from India and disciple of Maha Avatar Babaji, is today offering the sacred fire ceremony dedicated to World Peace as well as Kitchari Bhandara a light food offering, which has been blessed in the ceremony for all of us. Kitchari is a traditional Indian dish prepared with lentils, vegetables and rice, cooked with spices and olive oil. It is a light meal, symbolizing the change in season and a life dedicated to simplicity.

Inauguration of Babaji's Temple

January 13-14th, 2011

Inauguration of Babaji's Temple called "Sada Shiva maha Avatar Dham" at Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

Watch our little video at youtube »

Kamalaya’s New Year Monk Ceremony

Saturday, 1 January 2011

09:00 - Respect to Spirit House around Kamalaya
10.30 - Monk blessing at the Yantra Hall

Buddhist monks from Laem Sor Temple will hold a blessing ceremony.