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Kamalaya Koh Samui Media Kit

You can view our media kit as text, or download the individual pdf documents. If you are looking for information that can't found here please contact pr(at)kamalaya.com.

Feel Life's Potential

Download Feel Life's Potential pdf

Kamalaya Koh Samui is a multi-award winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa ideally located amid a tropical landscape on the southern coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand. Since opening in November 2005, Kamalaya has been offering a holistic wellness experience that integrates healing therapies from East and West, a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine and customised wellness programs and retreats. 

The intention at Kamalaya is to provide a seamless experience for guests, with no boundaries so they can experience wellness beyond their treatment at the Wellness Centre. The holistic wellness services are at the core of the Kamalaya experience and accommodation and other facilities are natural extensions and expressions of the concept and vision.

Kamalaya’s focus is not on individual services, but on how the different treatments, therapies, activities, environmental aspects, cuisine and people come together to create a synergistic wellness experience. The principle of synergy is an essential part of the Kamalaya concept and is at the heart of the alchemistic Kamalaya experience.

Kamalaya translates as ‘Lotus Realm’, an enduring symbol of the unfolding of the human spirit.  Taking a unique approach to complete wellbeing and personal fulfilment, Kamalaya transcends the usual spa experience to offer opportunities for self discovery and life enhancement through diverse traditions of healing and holistic lifestyle concepts.

Kamalaya’s flexible and humanistic approach is aimed at accommodating each guest’s personal goals, whether that is to simply find a tranquil healing hideaway with contemporary comforts or participate in a structured wellness program or inspiring retreat.

Kamalaya’s regular programs include medically-based detoxification programs and others to address issues from stress relief and burnout to weight management. Kamalaya also offers monthly signature retreats in Detox and Yoga for those that prefer to discover wellness in a supportive group environment. For those who are uncertain about what they need, a Kamalaya Wellness practitioner will craft a personalised program.

Kamalaya also hosts conferences, seminars, events and special retreats by world renowned teachers in a wide range of inspiring topics.

Kamalaya integrates holistic medicine traditions from East and West to offer a menu of over 70 therapies and treatments. In addition to massages and body treatments, the menu includes Ayurvedic therapies, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, emotional and spiritual healing and other holistic services such as cranio-sacral therapy and sound healing. Optional daily classes are open to all guests in holistic fitness practices that range from Pilates, yoga, chi gong and meditation to adventure hikes and core fitness classes. The opportunity for personal one-on-one sessions is also available.   
Kamalaya’s Shakti Fitness Centre, herbal steam cavern, relaxation and swimming pools offer additional facilities for nurturing body, mind and spirit, while the art gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists.

The healthy, inspired cuisine is a fusion of Eastern and Western culinary traditions based on fresh, tropical produce. Using locally sourced organic produce where available, menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as fresh seafood, poultry and lamb dishes. Fresh juices, signature tonics and herbal teas are also served, along with customised meals for those undertaking detox programs or with special dietary requirements.

The services and facilities at Kamalaya are bound together by a welcoming community spirit and supported by the invigorating energies of nature, art and healthy cuisine. In this inspiring environment, guests are introduced to a powerful holistic blend through which they can explore life’s potential.

Kamalaya, which was conceived and founded by John and Karina Stewart, was originally intended for a site in the Himalaya. However, when John visited Koh Samui in 2000, he discovered a piece of land that immediately captivated him with its special energy. He was especially drawn by a cave that once served as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat by Buddhist monks, and with this discovery he knew that he had found the ideal home for Kamalaya.  

The execution stage of the project began in 2004.  The Stewarts commissioned Australian architectural artist Robert Powell to translate their vision into a reality with a brief to maintain the integrity of the land. The overall architectural concept of Kamalaya is a reflection of its wellness concept; that a connection to nature is a vital, nurturing element integral to one’s overall health and wellbeing.  The beauty of the surrounding nature, with ancient boulders, lush vegetation and a pristine coastline, is integrated into the simple elegance of Kamalaya’s architecture and design. The 59 unique accommodation options range from cozy Hillside Rooms to ocean view Suites and spacious Villas, including some with private pools.

For many people, our modern, fast-paced world has disconnected them from their own powerful source of healing potential. At Kamalaya, being reconnected that that source can be a profoundly transformational experience.

Kamalaya is a member of Healing Hotels of the World.

For bookings, enquiries and further information contact info(at)kamalaya.com, telephone +66 77 429 800 or visit www.kamalaya.com.

“The idea behind Kamalaya is that by the time you leave, you’ll be happy, healthy and relaxed, but internally you’ll have something to take away with you. All the other spas out there had better sit up and take notice, because this is where the industry needs to be.” Tiffany Darke, of The Sunday Times UK.

“It's the blueprint of what the next generation of spas will be - visit, chill and fall in love.” Jo Foley, Spa Writer, London

For further media information and images contact:  
Linda Schneegass, PR Manager at pr(at)kamalaya.com 
Sally Martin, Director of Sales & Marketing at dosm(at)kamalaya.com
Telephone: +66 (0)77 429 800

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Kamalaya Fact Sheet

Download Kamalaya Fact Sheet pdf

Kamalaya is a Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort.

Location: Kamalaya overlooks the pristine southern coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Concept: Feel life’s potential. Kamalaya’s integral wellness approach is a synergy of healing therapies from East and West, a sublimely beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine, holistic fitness practices, group retreats and individual wellness programs. The foundation of the Kamalaya experience rests on three intertwining pillars – the place, the people, the holistic wellness – creating a platform from which guests can reconnect with life’s potential.

The Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa integrates ancient and contemporary holistic medicine and healing traditions with a menu of over 70 services. Guests can choose a la carte services, embark on an individual wellness program or join a group retreat.

Treatments include: Practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Tui Na, acupuncture; Western Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic therapies (shirodhara, Kati Vasti, etc), Sound healing, emotional and spiritual healing, as well as the more usual spa treatments.

Wellness programs: Asian Bliss, Balance & Revitalise, Detox & Rejuvenation, Ideal Weight, Introduction to Detox, Optimal Fitness, Sleep Enhancement, Personal Yoga Synergy, Relax & Renew and Embracing Change.

Signature Wellness Retreat: Essential Detox

Holistic Fitness: daily classes may include yoga, tai chi, chi gong, pranayama, Pilates, meditation and spirit dance.

Retreats & Events: In addition to Kamalaya’s signature wellness retreats, hosted retreats with visiting specialists range from corporate workshops to events in meditation, spiritual philosophies, yoga, dance and the arts.

Accommodation is designed to integrate into the surrounding natural landscape. There are 59 rooms: • 24 Hillside Rooms • 10 open Suites • 21 spacious Villas • 3 Pool Villas • 1 2Bdr Rocktop Villas. All are immersed in the beauty of nature and styled with elegant interiors and modern comforts.

Dining: Soma Restaurant, Amrita Café, and the Alchemy Tea Lounge offer a fusion of Eastern and Western healthy, inspired cuisine. Menus include vegetarian, fish and meat dishes as well as detox and customised meals. Beverages include fresh juices, herbal teas and selected wines.

Notes of interest:
1. At the heart of Kamalaya is a cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat. This cave is available for meditation or as a quiet place to sit and reflect.
2. Kamalaya translates as ‘Lotus Realm’, an ancient symbol for the unfolding of the human spirit.
3. Guests receive an initial wellness consultation to determine their individual health needs.
Contact:  Tel: +66 (0) 77 429 800    info(at)kamalaya.com    www.kamalaya.com

Kamalaya Information Overview

Download Information Overview pdf

1. Kamalaya Concept Summary & Contact Details
2. Spirit of Place
3. Accommodation
4. Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa
5. Healthy Inspired Cuisine
6. Retreats and Events
7. Facilities Summary

1. Concept Summary
Name  Kamalaya Koh Samui
What is Kamalaya  A Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa  
Concept  Holistic Wellness. Kamalaya offers a synergistic wellness experience to help people reconnect to life’s potential and achieve optimal wellbeing. This Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa integrates healing therapies from East and West, a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine, holistic fitness and customised wellness programs and retreats to offer a unique concept in holistic holidays, with an emphasis on life enrichment.
Vision  To bring together diverse traditions of healing, culture and spirituality in a nurturing environment from which people can explore and embrace life’s potential.
Kamalaya translates as  Lotus (Kamal) Realm (alaya) in the ancient language of Sanskrit, symbolising the unfolding of the human spirit
Where is Kamalaya. On the south-eastern coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, Kamalaya is 45 minutes by car from Koh Samui International Airport. 

Contact Details
102/9 Moo 3, Laem Set Road, Ma-Muang, Koh Samui
Suratthani 84140 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 77 429 800;  Fax: +66 (0) 77  429 899
E-mail: info(at)kamalaya.com
Website www.kamalaya.com

2. Spirit of Place
With lush tropical vegetation, ancient boulders, cascading streams and overlooking an idyllic lagoon and white sand beaches, Kamalaya’s spirit of place is an integral part of each guest’s experience. At the heart of Kamalaya is a cave, once used by Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat. Monks who lived in the cave include:
Arjan Pet, known as "Diamond Teacher" and a great reformer of Thai Buddhism.                              
Arjan Daeng, renowned for his knowledge of healing plants, his power over the elements, and his ability to communicate with other species, including the cobras that shared his living space. An expert sailor, he built a boat and made pilgrimages to outlying islands where he established other hermitages.
Arjan Mahasumreong, the most recent monk to inhabit the sanctuary at Kamalaya, renovated the cave and added the still-existing skylight. A great scholar, he translated many original Pali texts into the Thai language. 

3. Accommodation
Kamalaya rests on a lush tropical hillside, sloping down to a tranquil private beach. The resort is a collection of individual structures that integrates the surrounding landscape into the simple elegance of its architecture. Choose from 25 spacious Villas, 10 sea view Suites and 24 Hillside Rooms, all with stylish interiors, AC, ceiling fans, wireless internet and some with open air bathrooms.

Accommodation options are nestled amidst ancient granite boulders, streams, and tropical vegetation, with existing rocks and trees as defining elements for many of the structures. Asian textiles and carefully selected art pieces combine with modern amenities to create comfortable, elegant interiors.

4. Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa
Kamalaya promotes wellness as a harmonious integration of body, heart, mind and spirit. The Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa offers over 70 treatments incorporating holistic medicine and complementary therapies from Eastern and Western traditions. As well as the usual spa services, the menu includes Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and other holistic therapies. There are multi-day programs for detox, stress and burnout, weight balancing, fitness and yoga, as well as those addressing emotional balance. Daily holistic fitness classes are offered in Pilates, yoga, chi gong, tai chi, meditation and fitness, with personal one-on-one sessions also available.

With an emphasis on personal well-being and inner health, guests begin their experience with a personal consultation that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Once these needs are identified, a Kamalaya Wellness practitioner offers guidance for choosing the most appropriate mix of therapies and treatments.

5. Healthy Inspired Cuisine
Kamalaya’s food and beverage areas, Soma Restaurant, Amrita Café, and the Alchemy Tea Lounge, all offer refreshment in open-style interior settings with breathtaking views. The healthy, inspired cuisine is a fusion of Eastern and Western culinary traditions. Menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as fresh seafood, poultry and lamb dishes. Fresh juices, signature tonics, herbal teas and wines are also served, along with customised meals for those undertaking detox programs or with special dietary requirements.

Soma Restaurant Sanskrit for 'food of the gods', Soma is close to the main facilities and overlooks Kamalaya valley, offering spectacular views of the coast and outlying islands. Intimate tables are arranged throughout the spacious room, in addition to a ‘community table' where guests may unite for dining. The seating capacity of Soma Restaurant is 90 persons.
Amrita Café translates from Sanscrit as ‘divine nectar’, and is located by the swimming pools at the edge of flowering lotus ponds, overlooking the sea.
The Alchemy Tea Lounge located above Soma Restaurant offers light snacks and a diverse range of elixirs, juices and medicinal herbal teas and infusions. With comfortable couches and breathtaking views, it is a great venue for guests to gather throughout the day and into the evening.  

6. Retreats & Special Events
Kamalaya was conceived as an inspiring venue for retreats and events. These range from monthly signature detox retreats to hosted corporate workshops and events in meditation, spiritual philosophies, yoga and the arts.

Overlooking the sea, the Yantra Hall is an inspiring meeting place. The design is based on the Sri Yantra, an ancient Asian geometrical symbol of creation. Accommodating up to 100 guests, it is equipped with advanced audiovisual and recording facilities.

Kamalaya's educational programs and learning vacations complement the services of the Wellness Sanctuary and encourage guests to explore personal creativity, cultural diversity and enrichment of life experience.
 7. Facilities Summary
• 24 Hillside Rooms  
• 10 Suites  
• 19 Villas  
• 2 Beach Front Villas
• 1 Pool Villa
• 1 Beach Front Pool Villa
• 1 Beach Front Pool Villa (2 bedroom)   
• 1 Rock Top Villa (2 bedroom, multi-floor)

• Soma Restaurant – Breakfast and Dinner
• Amrita Café – Lunch, Snacks and Beverages
• Alchemy Tea Lounge – Teas, signature tonics, juices and wines; light snacks

Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa
Integrating the beauty of the surrounding environment into its design, the Wellness Sanctuary features open air treatment spaces as well as deluxe air-conditioned suites.
• 5 Consultation Rooms and 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation Rooms
• 14 Treatment Rooms: 2 Ayurvedic rooms, 7 single rooms, 3 double rooms with outdoor bathtub, 1 double room, 3 colonic rooms, 4 Traditional Chinese Medicine Rooms
• Massage Complex: 4 single rooms, 1 double room, 4 foot massage stations
• 3 Thai massage Salas : 1 single, 2 double
• 4 Plunge Pools, 1 Steam Cavern
• 3 Far infra-red Saunas
• 1 Yoga Sala for 10 persons
• 1 Yoga Pavilion for up to 30 persons
• Shakti Fitness Centre

Yantra Hall
• Mandala Room 120 sqm  80 person capacity
• Video Room  69 sqm 30 person capacity
• Mandala Room + Video Rooms 189 sqm 100 person capacity
• Meeting Room 33 sqm Approximately 10 persons

General Facilities
• Gallery Shop - A variety of local handicrafts and essentials.
• Art Gallery – Exhibition of international art - painting, photography, sculptures and prints.
• 24hrs Library and TV Lounge with internet facilities.
• A leisure swimming pool.
• A lap pool.


Accommodation Fact Sheet

Download Accommodation Fact Sheet pdf

Kamalaya was designed to integrate into its surrounding landscape. Built in a valley, its 59 accommodation options include cosy Hillside Rooms, open style Suites and unique Villas overlooking the pristine coastline of southern Koh Samui. Buildings are nestled amidst ancient, granite boulders, streams and tropical vegetation, with existing rocks and trees as defining elements for many of the structures. Asian textiles and carefully selected art pieces combine with modern amenities to create comfortable, serene and elegant interiors. Nature’s restorative presence is felt through semi-open bathrooms, outdoor terraces and balconies, expansive windows and some captivating views.

All accommodations include the following: air-conditioning, CD & stereo system, refrigerator, beverage and snack centre, personal safe, hair dryer, yoga mat, telephone and internet connection.

Hillside Rooms
Hillside Rooms with twin (10) and king beds (14) are located just next to the Yoga Pavilion, Shakti Fitness Centre and Yantra Hall. Many offer exceptional sea and nature views, outdoor showers and balconies.
- 24 units, 35 sq metre floor plan

Situated close to Soma Restaurant and main facilities, with sweeping coastal and valley views, all Suites feature covered balconies and outdoor bathtubs.
- 10 spacious units, 65 sq metre floor plan

Combining comfort and simplicity each villa offers a unique design and setting. All with large balconies and comfortable day beds and many feature private semi-open bathrooms.
- 19 units nestled in nature, offering sea, beach and valley views; 75 - 100 sq metre floor plan

Beach Front Villas
Built on Kamalaya's secluded beach, these villas put you in close proximity to the sea
- 2 spacious villas by Kamalaya’s private beach
- Living area with daybeds; private semi-open bathrooms

Pool Villas
Intimately designed villas with private relaxation pool.
- 2 x 1-bedroom units, one with beachfront pool and one with secluded courtyard pool.
- 1 x 2-bedroom unit comprising 1 beachfront villa and 1 garden view villa connected by private courtyard and featuring private ocean view pool and sun decks.

Rock Top Villa
This split-level villa features a natural rock wall and lofty ceiling, twin and double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and open living space. Specifics:
- An individual residence nestled amidst nature, 215 sq meter floor plan
- Welcome foyer, 2 bedrooms, each with private indoor/outdoor en-suite bathroom
- Living room with daybeds; outdoor living space with daybeds; WC/Powder room.

Holistic Wellness Programs

Download Kamalaya Holistic Wellness Programs pdf

Explore new levels of vitality and health at Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand’s inspiring Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa. Kamalaya delivers wellness programs and treatments with depth and variety to cater for individual needs. The core programs include:


Detox & Rejuvenation (Individual Program)
 Kamalaya's structured Detox and Rejuvenation Programs support and enhance the body's ability to eliminate toxins and accumulated waste and rediscover its ideal balance. This helps to increase energy and vitality, creating a foundation for optimum health, longevity and personal growth. Combining various therapies, nutritional supplements and healthy cuisine with optional holistic fitness classes, these programs are an integrated approach to experiencing 'lightness of being.' Basic and Comprehensive Detox & Rejuvenation Packages are available in 7, 9 or 14 night duration. For longer programs, a customised program can be created. Priced from 78,950 THB per person.

Introduction to Detox (Individual Program)
This program is ideal for people new to detoxification and cleansing. A great starting point for many health goals, this simple and effective program features Kamalaya’s delicious and healthy Detox cuisine as well as a range of holistic therapies for cleansing the body, mind and spirit. Guests can expect improved health on all levels including internal balance and increased energy and vitality. Less intensive than the Basic and Comprehensive Detox & Rejuvenation, this program is ideal for those that want to combine their detox with other à la carte Wellness treatments and therapies. Choose from 3 and 5 night options, priced from 44,850 THB per person.


Ideal Weight (Individual Program)
Designed to help identify areas of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns, these structured programs guide guests towards achieving optimal weight. Dietary recommendations and guidance from holistic practitioners in nutrition, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine are included, in addition to therapies such as Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, acupuncture, infrared sauna treatments, detoxifying herbal body scrubs and private instruction with a Kamalaya fitness trainer. Ideal Weight is offered as a 7, 9 or 14 night program, or a customised program can be created for longer if required. Priced from 90,950 THB per person.

Optimal Fitness (Individual Program)
A personalised program designed to help people achieve their fitness goals. Personal instruction and guidance from a fitness expert allows the program to be tailored to address specific goals. Whether it is to increase upper body strength, develop cardiovascular fitness, improve body shape and tone, develop regular fitness habits or some other goal, the one-to-one instruction allows for optimal results. With holistic spa therapies and nutritious cuisine included, guests will experience improved health on all levels. Choose from 5, 7 or 10 night packages, priced from 60,500 THB per person.

Sleep Enhancement (Individual Program)
A therapeutic program designed to combat sleep deprivation, the focus of the Sleep Enhancement program is to re-establish healthy and restful sleep while addressing sleep issues and imbalances, not only during a guest’s time at Kamalaya, but also for the long-term back home. Sleep difficulties are addressed through a combination of core treatments and therapies drawing from naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage therapy and mind-body balance. Incorporating treatments such as Shirodhara, acupuncture and foot massage, this therapeutic and preventative program addresses life’s stresses and strains, as well as body imbalances which deplete sleep quality and impact health. Choose from 5, 7, 9 night packages, priced from 71,800 THB per person.


Asian Bliss  (Individual Program)
A rare and life enhancing immersion into the holistic healing traditions of Asia. Synergistically combining Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and traditional Thai therapies with exercises and practices from diverse Asian traditions, Asian Bliss is a powerful introduction to ancient healing realms designed to promote bliss, renewal, joy and vitality. Asian Bliss is available in 5, 7 and 10 night packages, priced from 58,700 THB per person.

Balance & Revitalise (Individual Program)
These programs are designed to counteract the stresses of contemporary lifestyles. The basic program is designed to relieve stress and prevent adrenal burnout, one of today's leading health challenges. The more intensive comprehensive program was created to help people who are already suffering the energy-depleting effects of adrenal burnout. Both the basic and comprehensive programs begin with a personal Balance & Revitalise Consultation and bio-impedance analysis to determine specific health and wellness needs so that the program can be tailored for maximum effect. These holistic programs address stress prevention and recovery from a mind, body and spirit perspective, combining restorative therapies and nutrition with personal consultations in Naturopathic Lifestyle, Nutrition and Anti-Stress management. Balance & Revitalise programs are available in either 7 or 14 night durations, priced from 93,650 THB per person.

Relax & Renew (Individual Program)
This program is designed for people in need of the time and place to step back from their lives, recover balance, relax, renew their energy and replenish their spirit. The combination of nurturing therapies, nutrition and personal guidance in a nature-rich healing environment offers the ideal remedy for recovering optimal wellbeing and the inspiration to embrace the future with renewed passion and energy. The ideal antidote to stress, Relax & Renew attracts people with a diverse range of needs. Guests can choose from 3, 5, 7, 9 and 14 night programs or create a customised program of any duration with the guidance of a wellness practitioner. Priced from 39,350 THB per person.


Embracing Change (Individual Program)
The Embracing Change program is the first of Kamalaya’s wellness programs to focus on exploring one’s inner life and emotional disposition. This is an ideal program to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfillment. The focus throughout the program is to address current life situations with effective tools to restore emotional balance. Suitable for anyone seeking support for life change and life challenging situations of any kind, to prevent the stress build-up that often results in emotional burn-out, as well as for targeting emotionally-driven eating habits, relationship issues including loss or break-ups, work related difficulties, anxiety and grief. This program offers an experience of self discovery and growth both during the immersion in the program as well as a continuation with tools to take back home. Embracing Change is offered as a 5 or 7 night package. Priced from 64,000 THB per person


Personal Yoga Synergy (Individual Program)
This program offers private one-to-one sessions with customised instruction that includes asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. This program is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike, as the daily yoga sessions are tailored to the individual’s skill level and goals. Instruction can be adapted to fulfil a range of goals, such as addressing physical limitations, developing a regular home practice or deepening and intensifying existing practice. The yoga practice is further supported by the inclusion of holistic spa therapies, including Ayurveda treatments from experienced Indian therapists. Choose from 3, 5 or 7 night packages, priced from 43,350 THB per person.

For bookings and enquiries visit www.kamalaya.com , email info@kamalaya.com or call +66 (0)77 429 800.

For further media information and images contact:  
Linda Schneegass, PR Manager at pr(at)kamalaya.com 
Sally Martin, Director of Sales & Marketing at dosm(at)kamalaya.com
Telephone: +66 (0)77 429 800

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Kamalaya's Architectural Concept

Download Architectural Concept pdf

Robert Powell, artist, and architect of Kamalaya, has created a community of individual structures that naturally embraces the surrounding landscape. Drawing upon local materials, each is a balance of raw nature paired with elegant detailing. The resulting spaces impart a sense of lightness and ease of movement.

The roofs provide a stabilising balance and shaded refuge. Made of locally crafted cement tiles which were chosen for their durability, they will continue to integrate with nature as they age. With each monsoon, they acquire a deeper patina that blends with the surrounding nature.

The cross ventilation system designed for the villas and suites optimises Kamalaya’s valley setting. As an alternative to the air-conditioning available in all accommodation, Robert designed wide, sliding screened doors with opposing windows to maximise the natural ocean breeze flowing up the valley.

Kamalaya’s pool setting is inspired by the traditional bathing areas of Nepal and India, with their stone steps and ghats, or quais. The main pool is set within flowering lotus ponds, waterfalls, and smaller multi-level pools accessed by stone walkways. The stone detailing, as seen in the meditating Buddha and the entrance tunnel over the pool, also draw from Robert’s love of Himalayan architecture. The overall effect is a welcoming, refreshing oasis.

Kamalaya’s overall design was created with a reverence for its landscape. Existing rocks and trees became the defining elements for the design of the buildings. Rather than destroying these natural elements to make way for construction, the buildings were designed to incorporate some of these aspects as key architectural features.

Care was taken to preserve the natural environment, from the transplanting of over 150 trees removed for building, to the implementing of an eco-friendly water purification system. The resulting “Spirit of Place” communicates a connection to nature, the elements, and the environment.

To quote Robert Powell, “Few designers have the privilege to work with such a site and such a brief. I was clear that this rare chance must be reflected in a respect for the beauty and integrity of the land and its special character.”

The overall architectural concept of Kamalaya is a reflection of its wellness concept; that a connection to nature is a vital, nurturing element integral to one’s overall health and wellbeing. 

For further media information and images contact:  
Linda Schneegass, PR Manager at pr(at)kamalaya.com 
Sally Martin, Director of Sales & Marketing at dosm(at)kamalaya.com
Telephone: +66 (0)77 429 800

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Kamalaya’s Garden Concept

Download Garden Concept pdf

Victor Choong, is a second generation garden designer who was brought up in oriental culture and philosophy and has been creating gardens of tropical settings for over twenty years.

Choong was initially attracted to the natural setting and serenity of the Kamalaya land – the hill falling towards a secluded beach front, with native tropical trees nestled amidst spectacular granite boulders at the hilltop, and coconut palms scattered down the hill towards the beach.

With a thorough understanding of the vision for Kamalaya, the wellness sanctuary ideals and architect’s inspiring design approach for the buildings and their surroundings, special care, attention and thought have been given to the land’s unique qualities.  The existing features of the land and its natural elements of trees, boulders, contours and climates all played a part in shaping the garden concept consideration, design development and garden work implementation.

For conservation purposes, existing trees, rocks, boulders and soil which fell within buildings’ foot prints were uplifted and preserved prior to building construction.  Salvaged granite rocks and boulders have been used extensively in the creation of walls, paths, cascades and ponds. Existing coconut palms were selectively preserved at the beach and salvaged trees were transplanted to revive the valley.

Additional native vegetation, fruit trees, herbs and ornamental plants which suit the local island climate, garden concept and Kamalaya’s requirement have been planted extensively, and natural stone walls, stone paths, and garden niches have been created to blend in with their surroundings.

Environmentally, pebble-filled trenches have been built around buildings to collect and reserve rain water for the soil and plants; while buildings’ waste water is treated, recycled and used in garden irrigation. A series of aesthetic cascades and ponds have been created in the valley, serving functionally as excess surface runoffs before being channeled to the sea.

A concept of free-form boulder arrangements, water features and tropical jungle planting have been integrated harmoniously with native vegetation and natural settings, providing guests with a connection to nature, a reflection and enhancement to Kamalaya’s holistic wellness concept of harmony in mind, body and spirit.

For further media information and images contact:  
Linda Schneegass, PR Manager at pr(at)kamalaya.com 
Sally Martin, Director of Sales & Marketing at dosm(at)kamalaya.com
Telephone: +66 (0)77 429 800

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John Stewart Biography

Download John Stewart Biography pdf


John Stewart is one of the founding partners and key visionaries behind Kamalaya Koh Samui. His first large scale project, Kamalaya is inspired by his dedication to a life of service and his wife Karina’s passion for health and wellness.

A former art dealer, John was introduced to Asian philosophy and spirituality at the age of fifteen. He left home at age 16 and after 7 years in North America and Europe, he arrived in the jungles of northern India. He spent the next 16 years living there under the tutelage of a Himalayan yogi master, helping to build and develop a renowned Himalayan ashram. Many years spent in a traditional yogi lifestyle taught him the values of truth, simplicity, love and sanatana (eternal) dharma, in addition to patience and discipline.

A regular visitor to Thailand since 1977, John returned to Thailand in 2000 with health problems. He was drawn by the healing nature of Koh Samui, and stayed four months to rest and regain his health with the help of the local herbs and his wife, Karina. Kamalaya’s location – then a densely forested piece of vacant land - and the synergy of the ancient, granite boulders, high cliffs, lush vegetation and pristine coastline immediately inspired him. He was especially drawn to the cave that is situated at the heart of Kamalaya, once used as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat for a lineage of Buddhist monks.

John’s defining view of business as a medium of cultural exchange, and in this sense worthy only of projects that ‘make a difference’, is central to Kamalaya’s creation. Kamalaya unfolds from a learned truth – that happiness comes from giving - and combines John’s wish to both communicate spiritual teachings in a way that is easily understood, and share with others the healing power of nature.

In John’s own words, “Kamalaya was created to offer a nurturing environment to guests, so that people feel immediately intrigued, full of excitement, and at the same time welcomed, comfortable, and at ease, like they are in a magical little village.” It represents an unprecedented and life-affirming realm where ancient wisdom can be enhanced with the latest innovations in alternative and contemporary health care, to offer healing in the broadest sense, encompassing heart, mind, body and spirit.

John continues to guide the development of Kamalaya’s vision and services in his role as Chairman, through an operational management team responsible for its implementation.

For further media information and images contact:  
Linda Schneegass, PR Manager at pr(at)kamalaya.com 
Sally Martin, Director of Sales & Marketing at dosm(at)kamalaya.com
Telephone: +66 (0)77 429 800

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Karina Stewart Biography

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Kamalaya co-founder and Brand & Concept Director D. Karina Stewart is committed to creating a place where healing and harmonious transformation can flourish. Born and raised in Mexico until she was 15, Karina’s life journey has been greatly influenced by her mother’s interest in natural healing, meditation, yoga and spirituality. At the age of 14, when she herself took up meditation and began to explore Asian spiritual philosophies, Karina’s heart was opened to an existence of devotion and self discovery.

Named “Spa Personality of the Year” in the 2009 Asia Spa Awards, Karina has studied and practiced diverse Asian healing and spiritual traditions for more than 25 years. She earned her master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University in California, completing internships in Japan and China. She is a herbalist and licensed acupuncturist whose earlier studies include a B.A. from Princeton University in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Asian Religions. Her training extends to structural therapies such as Hellerwork and Cranial-Sacral Manipulation, yoga and Taoist practice.

Before founding Kamalaya with her husband John Stewart in 2005, Karina opened a health centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, where for seven years she practiced Oriental Medicine and produced a range of Chinese herbal tonics. From there she went on to California, where she collaborated on a research project with leading experts in the fields of environmental toxicology and Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop and test medical detoxification protocols combining modern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy.

In California, Karina also designed and directed a medical detoxification program at a renowned health and longevity centre in the city of Venice. At the same time, she created and facilitated her own series of “Awakening” retreats, which focused on cellular detoxification and purification practices from both Eastern
and Western traditions.

Karina’s vision is behind Kamalaya’s integral wellness programs that aim to access the inner healing power within each of us, and to support a harmonious integration of heart, body, mind, and spirit. Kamalaya, located on the lush southern coast of Koh Samui, integrates healing practices and treatments from East and West in customized programs and wellness retreats. Offered in a beautiful and natural environment, these represent a unique concept in personal wellbeing and holistic lifestyle possibilities.

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Marc A. Cornaz Biography

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When Kamalaya began to take form in 2003, John and Karina recognized that the execution of their concept depended upon a more balanced and complete set of core competencies and would require the contribution of fellow likeminded entrepreneurs; a stronger and more solid foundation that could bring their dream to life. Serendipity once again stepped in to help them. When they were introduced to Marc A. Cornaz, they knew that they had found the vital missing ingredient for Kamalaya’s success.

Inspired by the originality of the concept and drawn to the integrity of John and Karina’s holistic vision, he agreed to join them, moving from Europe to Asia to help turn their dream into reality. Marc’s unique skill set and entrepreneurial commitment added a new dimension to the Kamalaya business model so that there was now an ideal balance of competencies to realise the concept and to deliver it with authenticity and quality.

With a background and extensive experience in hospitality operations management and business development in Europe and Asia, Marc’s career in hospitality began as a graduate of Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne followed by an MBA from IMD Lausanne. From there, Marc founded and managed start-ups, and worked with some of the biggest multi-national players in the hospitality industry including Pepsico Restaurants International in the UK and Hilton International in Hong Kong and Seoul.

The opportunity to contribute to a significant cause, beyond the prevailing corporate concerns, struck a chord with Marc’s natural passion to create and develop meaningful and innovative businesses. Throughout his career, Marc’s priority was to guide and inspire individuals and teams to develop self-awareness and achieve inner growth towards fulfilling their potential. Supported by his growing dedicated spiritual practice, enhanced by time spent in India, Marc developed his own progressive business values and leadership style. His aspiration to apply holistic principles is reflected in his humanistic approach to management, which consistently places the experience of organic growth and transformation – for guests, staff and organizations alike – above all else.

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Kamalaya Cuisine

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When Hippocrates proffered the sage advice to “let food be thy medicine”, “thy” was not confronted with preservative laden pre-packaged meals and a microwave to cook them in, and fast food was most likely an apple plucked from a tree rather than a drive-through burger and fries. Sadly, these days, food is just as likely to be thy poison as thy medicine, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

The ageless principles that Hippocrates espoused remain the key to living a healthier more vibrant life. Hippocrates is not alone in recognising the link between food and healing. Current research proves his wisdom and some of the oldest Asian healing philosophies, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, have always looked to food as the medicine of choice. As the ancient Ayurveda saying goes, “When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.”

Food is not just about maintaining health; a change in diet can bring about a change in health. Founded on principles of time-tested holistic healing traditions, Kamalaya Koh Samui offers artful and inspired cuisine that is healing in function and tantalising in form. Merging culinary traditions of East and West and using fresh, tropical and, as much as possible, organic produce, the menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as seafood, poultry and lamb dishes. The food changes with the seasons, as it should, and different months bring different delights. Fresh juices, signature tonics and herbal teas are bursting with nutrients, medicinal properties and taste-bud tempting goodness, and the delicious Detox Cuisine dispels the myth that ridding your body of toxins means depriving yourself of sensory pleasure. 

Co-created by Karina Stewart, Kamalaya's Co-founder and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chef Kai Mueller, Kamalaya Cuisine is an integral component of this wellness sanctuary’s holistic health concept. Kamalaya's healthy, inspired cuisine is influenced by Karina's wealth of knowledge in functional medicine and cellular detoxification, and brought to vibrant life through Kai’s passion for using local ingredients and cooking methods in healthy and innovative ways.

The menus reflect Kamalaya’s philosophy of healthy living and the celebration of different cultures, featuring fresh and healthy dishes with enough sumptuous twist to satisfy the most discerning gourmet palates. Kamalaya Cuisine is based on principles of Asian healing traditions as well as the latest nutritional research, and Chef Kai creates with flavour in mind and health at heart.

Kamalaya Cuisine favours fad-free over fat-free. Theirs is a sensible approach to dining that aims to educate and inspire guests to develop a more thoughtful and enriching relationship with food. Purists may be alarmed to find some richer dishes on the menu, like Chocolate Soufflé, but Kamalaya recognises that human nature sometimes seeks indulgence. So, they created their menu with a smattering of indulge dishes to replicate the ‘real world’ and illustrate the wisdom of balance and moderation. When it comes to healthy eating, the quest for perfection can be our greatest downfall because it often leads to an all or nothing mentality where one chocolate seems little different to the entire box. Kamalaya’s philosophy is pragmatic and realistic and seeks to inspire rather than dictate, and Chef Kai’s masterful interpretation of food as medicine serves up health with a generous helping of culinary flair.   

Principles for Kamalaya Cuisine

• Emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients, organic wherever possible.
• Serve foods close to their natural state, without additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, MSG and food colouring.
• Abundant use of fresh herbs and spices for taste, health and medicinal properties.
• Cooking methods to enhance flavours, support vibrant health and maintain nutritional values. Eg, bake, steam, grill, sauté and stir fry. No microwaves, no deep frying and no overcooking.
• Low sugar.
• Low sodium.
• Low fat. Only healthy, cold-pressed oils – such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, rice, sesame, sunflower and other virgin nut and seed oils - used in moderation. Avoid unhealthy trans-fats and saturated fats.
• Detox Cuisine features only low allergenic, low inflammatory, low Glycaemic, vegetarian dishes.
• Fresh juices, including plenty of green juice options, and herbal teas and tonics that promote healing. 
• No pork or beef in respect of major religious traditions in Asia. Additionally, this has health benefits by avoiding high fat meats.
• Low dairy – goat’s yoghurt and goat’s cheese used as healthy alternatives.
• Avoid sprouted foods such as alfalfa sprouts. Some grains and seeds are sprouted for use in raw food dishes, but always served fresh and never stored.
• No calorie information provided. Instead, a sensible approach to wellness with healthy cuisine principles is advocated.  

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Kamalaya Awards 2014

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Best Overseas Health & Wellness Property Luxury Travel Magazine’s Gold List Awards
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa was honoured with the award Best Overseas Health & Wellness Property by Luxury Travel Magazine’s Gold List Awards in Sydney. Kamalaya was shortlisted alongside nine other  reputable properties from Thailand, Bali, India, USA and New Zealand. Australia’s premier travel and lifestyle magazine, which is exclusively dedicated to luxury travel, annually asks its readers to nominate outstanding luxury travel experiences in Australia and around the world. Luxury
Travel Magazine’s Gold List is one of the most comprehensive luxury travel surveys undertaken in Australia and among the country’s leading travel awards.

An Inspiration to others SpaStar Awards
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa was honoured to be awarded the ‘SpaStar Award 2014’ at the TUR Travel Fair 2014 in Gothenberg, Sweden. One of three international properties to receive the top award of the day, Kamalaya was recognised as an inspiration to others. The judges said of Kamalaya, “Modern science meets ancient spiritual wisdom in this world-leading haven for a healthy mind, body and soul.” The SpaStar Awards are founded by SpaStar International, an independent spa directory and quality assurance firm. The SpaStar Awards spotlight innovation, inspirational examples and quality role models in the spa world.

Destination Spa of the Year: Asia & Australasia World Spa Awards
For the second time since the awards began, Kamalaya won the award for Destination Spa of the Year: Asia & Australasia at the World Spa awards in London. The World Spa & Wellness Awards acknowledge the global excellence of care, service and standards within the industry. Launched in 2012, the awards recognize the work that spas do around the globe, honouring hotels and destination spas in Western Europe & Scandinavia, Middle East & North Africa, North & South America and Asia & Australasia.

To view the complete list of awards please click here

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