Intuitive Detox of the Mind, Body and Spirit with Dewi Hopley

Develop a deeper understanding of your own spirituality through intuitive detoxification with Dewi Hopley. During your session, Dewi helps to draw out emotions and entities seeking to surface. She ‘listens’ to your body and reads its energy through touch, drawing upon therapies including Balinese Massage, Remedial Massage & Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy, and the use of Personal Essential Oil Blends,.

Balinese Massage: This ancient therapy helps relieve stress, relax muscles, regulate organ function, increase energy levels and support the immune system. It also aids in releasing unwanted aspects of the body and mind, making it a truly holistic detox treatment. Originating in Ubud, it was handed down through generations to help balance the body and restore life force energy – ideal for those feeling sluggish, unsure, or stuck in life.

Remedial Massage & Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy (NSRT)
: Dewi first places her fingers gently on central nervous system points to relax the muscles. The brain acts upon any structural problems detected by sending motor signals to the area needing realignment. Dewi then goes deeper, realigning the skeletal system and surrounding tissues with NSRT, a therapy that can help a broad range of conditions including whiplash, sciatic pain, disc problems, scoliosis, joint problems, arthritis and migraine.

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage: This is a wonderfully relaxing and gently energising treatment. Based in part on acupressure, it works on improving skin tone and appearance as well as enhancing muscle tone and lymph flow. It also aims to clear any blockages within the body’s energy channels and helps to restore a sense of equilibrium.

: Dewi Hopley is a Clinical and Holistic Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Neuroskeletal Realignment Practitioner based in the UK. Integral to her work has been a spiritual journey including yoga practice, breath work, meditation and 1:1 self-development work, enabling her to offer an unconditional, nourishing and comforting space in which clients can release patterns and emotions that no longer serve them.