Holistic Combination Therapies

Holistic Combination Therapies with Karen Himlok

16th - 30th July

Karen Himlok, MTech.Hom, is a qualified doctor of homeopathy with a background in medical sciences, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and naturopathy. Originally from South Africa, Karen has travelled extensively to develop her skill set and knowledge in holistic medicine. As an international visiting consultant, Karen has experienced consulting with and treating people from different cultures and developed her customized combination therapies to address a wide variety of conditions and complex issues including emotional and physical symptoms.

With over eight years of practice and five years of training experience, Karen combines her diagnostic and therapeutic skills to develop comprehensive, specialized treatments to suit the individual needs of her guests.  Karen's aims are to assist her guests to see through their physical and mental challenges, and maintain their wellbeing. 

Her body treatments involve combinations of Qi Qong, Cranio Sacral Healing, Neuromuscular Release and Acupoint Meridian Therapy and are customized for each individual.

Karen´s current work base is with TCM Holistic Wellness at the Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau in Beijing, China.