NeuroEmotional Technique, Network Spinal Analysis

Free The True You: Liberate Your Essence with Dr Scott Freeman

Every one of us wants to be true to who we are.  Real.  Authentic.  Genuine.  We want to feel connected and fulfilled.  Satiated to our core.  In our relationships, in our purpose and mission.  Sometimes we need a little tweek to help us get or stay on track.  Sometimes we’re so far away, we can barely even imagine it.  My job is to help you, wherever you are along this path.  

Using high end neurology and chiropractic systems (NeuroEmotional Technique, Network Spinal Analysis), Olympic level stretching (Meridian Yoga), blissful energetic work (Soul Memory Discovery), elegant advising (Coaching For Your Soul) and much more, we will make a radical and significant difference in how you express your innate nature, how honest and real you feel, and how much you purposefully enjoy your sweet life.   

Dr Scott Freeman is a traditionally trained chiropractor, who has traveled the world training and excelling at some of the most effective and profound neurology systems known to man.  He is a Reiki Master, a certified practitioner of Soul Memory Discovery, and the creator of both Meridian Yoga and Coaching For Your Soul.  His caring and humor is boundless, setting a safe and secure environment for you to do profound growth and healing.