Mind, Body & Soul Healing Koh Samui Thailand

Mind, Body & Soul Healing with Preeti

10-22 April 2010
Introductory talk at 18.30-19.15 on 11th & 16th April, Alchemy Lounge

Mind, Body & Soul HealingSince the 1970s, Preeti has been helping others to discover the secrets their bodies store about past physical, mental and emotional traumas.

"When I meet a person, I immediately have an intuitive feeling of what he or she needs," she says.

Guided by this intuition and assisted by the use of crystals, music, and the energy of her hands, Preeti unlocks and clears the information, "removing the past". This helps to free clients from damaging behavior patterns and habits that stem from circumstances that often no longer even exist.

During some sessions, Preeti receives visions from a person's past, and will help him or her to solve problems associated with those visions if they so desire. Preeti is also an expert with esthetic massage for women – in her hands, bodies change!

Preeti, which translates as "the one who gives love", was born as Paola Garbaccio in Italy, and grew up watching her father and an aunt as they healed others using a pendulum and the energy of their hands. At the age of 18 she discovered her own gifts, and felt called to use them to help others.

Since then Preeti has worked continuously to help others with her abilities, despite a number of hardships and obstacles in her own life. These, she says, gave her the ability to develop an approach all her own – one that has brought her a great deal of respect in her native Italy, where she is a renowned force in the energy healing world.