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Healing of the Mind, Soul and Body Koh Samui Thailand

The Healing of the Mind, Soul and Body with Theresa Mittelstadt

Born, raised and schooled in Thailand, Theresa Mittelstadt took the opportunity to further her studies in the United States at Elmira College in New York,  where she graduated in Political Sciences and Accounting. She married, raised a daughter and moved to Austria with her husband, travelling and studying culture.

Little was she aware that her spiritual path was about to begin, all through a chance encounter. In Austria during 1985, Teresa attended her first spiritual seminar, featuring a Metaphysics Professor named Johannes Sauter, from southern Germany.  She was so fascinated with his teaching that she decided to study with him, staying with him for the next 15 years. She studied Metaphysics, Psychological Counselling, Spiritual healing, and Intensive Character Training (of self).  She also attended the Sauter Institute’s vacation seminars, encompassing 2 weeks at a time, travelling to exotic locations such as Israel, Egypt, Greece, Russia, Malta, Cyprus and Croatia.

Upon completing her studies at the Sauter Institute, Theresa continued to accelerate her search for information studying The Sylva Mind Method, Magnified Healing, Aura Soma, Self-Realisation Meditation and the Science of the Mindby Paramashansa Yogananda’s teachings, The keys of Enoch and The Law of Attraction in countries around the world.  She also joined in with the Internet’s Crimson Circle from the United States of America.

Theresa started her teaching career in 1989 with a group of 8 people.  She taught them to look at themselves and to try to change what makes them unhappy in the moment; to notice what one is speaking and thinking, and to change the unpleasant situations around them through positive thinking and feeling. She would then bring them into a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Every student was given a sheet of paper to take home to do their homework, and would return each week for a period of 7 weeks. It was a success. The students had changed their attitudes toward the people around them. Theresa groomed many groups like this and she expanded her courses from beginner to advance, and into more advanced learning. She also did the same thing in Thailand with many institutions all over the Kingdom. Theresa has even worked with children that yearned to learn better,  creating a course in "Super Learning” for children from 8 years to young adults.

Theresa is a healer; she counsels and helps her clients to release their emotional issues, sicknesses and the dramas in their lives. She gently guides her patients to open their heart, by talking to them, feeling their energies and allowing them time to express their feelings without pressure. She would accompany them into their safe-space where they feel comfortable with compassion and deep understanding, without judgement. She helps them to see the big picture behind the issues, and helps them to accept without resistance; resistance creates the fear that we have in all of us. She helps them to let go of their fears and understand the reasons behind them. Upon accepting and allowing the new understanding to flow in, the patient’s issues begin to melt away, and they feel relieved. Theresa believes that there are no rules in healing the wounds, all we have to do is want to accept what it is and then to release it, and be free to enjoy life.  As for Theresa, the key to life is to "Live in Joy - in every Now Moment".