Intuitive Massage and Energy Balancing

Transformational Journeys with Annikki Ekelund

Transformational Journeys is a program designed to guide you through your stay at Kamalaya and to support your very personal process here. Whether you’ve come for Detoxification, to prevent or recover from Burn Out, to work on your weight or fitness, or just to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries, Transformational Journeys is here to be the wind in your back, offering a means of diving deep into yourself to resurface with an entirely new outlook on life.

There are three modalities to choose from: Lomi Lomi Nui, Intuitive Massage and Energy Balancing. Choose from these individually, or combine them to suit your preferred depth and intensity. At the beginning of each session you’ll share your present moment and clarify both that which you want to let go and that which you want to welcome into your life. You’ll consciously choose your path, asking the subconscious and your higher self to offer new solutions and perspectives. During the session you may meditate on your choice and/or put it into your heart and let the higher wisdom take care of it while you enjoy the treatment. Each session ends with the drawing of a tarot card to further support your process and give inspiration.

Lomi Lomi Nui:
This ancient temple massage ritual was practised and perfected by the Kahuna, the wise healers of Hawaii, to offer support during transitions and before important life events. It’s a respectful and loving massage from the heart that releases deep tension and provides a space of comfort, powerful and gentle like the waves of the ocean. Always fully aware and accepting of what is showing itself in the present moment, Lomi Lomi Nui is also in tune with the divine power Hawaiians call “Mana” and carried by the Spirit of Aloha, the power of the elements and the Hawaiian principles of life. Aloha, more than just a welcoming greeting, means love, appreciation and compassion and the joyful sharing of life energy in the present moment. It means walking this earth in the divine presence, while sharing the breath of life.

Emotions, sensations, pictures and visions all have a place in the shared space between the massage therapist and the receiver during this experience of Hawaiian rhythms, chant, and warm, scented coconut oil, which gently embosoms the body. Dynamic strokes on and under the body with hands and lower arms are characteristic of this massage. Starting with the back, which in Hawaii symbolises the future of the person and thus should be without burden, the body is loosened and stretched with long, flowing strokes. Gentle release and inner peace follow, as does the feeling of being completely accepted and cared for. Lomi Lomi Nui is more than a relaxing, cleansing and vitalising event to awaken the senses. It touches the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels, offering healing and transformation in all realms of existence.

Intuitive Massage:
This combination of Classical, Energetic, Lomi Lomi Nui and Californian Massage is an invitation to let go, return to innocence, get in touch with silence and to reconnect to the soul and to the divine. Through conscious touch, flowing strokes, soft rocking movements, gentle joint release, deep muscle tension release and energetic balancing of the body, you can experience yourself in your wholeness again.

Skin and blood circulation are activated, as are the metabolic and lymphatic systems. Muscles and nerves relax, while tendons and ligaments are stretched. A feeling of comfort and relaxation flows through the entire body, as you become increasingly aware of your body – leading to a sense of wholeness

Energy Balancing:
A combination of Reiki, Spiritual Healing techniques to restore lost balance, and Shamanic elements helping us to access helpful information through alternate states of reality, this experience is a gentle healing treatment that brings us back into balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels, thus providing us with the fundament to true health and wellbeing.

It’s about letting go of identifications and returning to the pure being hidden inside us, revealing potential, peace and connection to all that is, therefore creating unity and a feeling of coming home. The purpose is to implement this sense of reconnection and inner peace within every cell of our being. Through this deep relaxation pain, stress and tension gets released. Energy flow comes into balance, supporting long-term healing and cleansing mechanisms as well as the immune system.

Before the treatment, which is conducted with the receiver lying down, the receiver and therapies connect with your inner healer, opening the required space for healing and transformation. During the treatment Annikki works with her hands in the receiver’s aura, directly on the body, or both. She moves energy and releases obsolete information stored in the body- mind-soul system. Crystal and gemstones may be applied to support this process.

Annikki Ekelund is visiting Kamalaya from her base at the 5-star Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland’s Tamina Gorge, and was previously inspired to study her craft through three years on Hawaii. She says the following of her motivation for healing: “In my view of the world we are created as perfect beings, fully loved and full of potential. Then life happens and we forget to love ourselves enough here and there. Conflict is created within us, and with it comes tension, the long term result of which is disease. My motivation is to remind each one of us to return to the innocence of a child, when we were still whole and felt loved, so we can release the tension in our way to live life to the fullest and unlock our hidden potential. There are many ways to do it - mine is through energetic touch.”