Yoga & Detox Retreat Thailand

Yoga, Detox & Rejuvenation Retreat With Julien Balmer

20th – 23rd November 2013

Whether new to yoga or not, for your next vacation, we invite you to give yourself the gift of cleansing and rejuvenation through a one-of-a-kind Yoga Detoxification course, facilitated by Julien Balmer and hosted by Kamalaya. Retreat, relax, and purify. Immerse yourself in yogic living for four days and learn to tap the power of this age-old system of personal development.

Yoga looks at life as the combined experience of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. What today oftentimes is considered as separate spheres of concern – physical wellbeing, harmonious relationships, a balanced mind, and so on – was traditionally viewed as interconnected aspects of one complete whole.

Being rooted in this experiential reality, the ancient healing arts of Shat-Karma, the Hatha-yogic purification practices, are not mere physical cleansing exercises aimed at removing toxic waste from our metabolism, rather they utilize specific body mechanics in order to at the same time rid the being of emotional and mental blockages and thereby contribute to an overall energizing and harmonizing of all layers of the self. Blending yogic purification technology with other practices from traditional Hatha- and Kundalini-Yoga we will open the pathways of the body and as a result of that achieve deep purification and genuine rejuvenation.

In addition to expertly guided, twice-daily Hatha Yoga sessions and meditation, you will receive instructions on a number of special techniques called kriyas, designed to cleanse, restore, and positively affect the body, the nervous system, the brain, and the mind. Over the course of this short retreat, a series of additional teachings related to the retreat themes of detoxification and rejuvenation will be given in the form of talks. Subjects include: The Energetics of Food – Yin/Yang Balancing, Healing Strategies in Yoga, Introduction to Ayurveda, Vegetarianism & Yoga. Diminishing manifest or latent physical ailments and dysfunctions, unwanted habitual behaviour, and built-up stress, you will leave Kamalaya with a new sense of wellbeing and inner peace.

As is customary with Asian Yoga Holidays retreats, group size is limited to 12 people only. We like to keep our retreats personal and ensure that each participant gets sufficient individual attention both on and off the yoga mat.
Contact: For enquiries and bookings, please contact Julien Balmer  -  discover(at)