Hatha- and Kundalini-Yoga with Julien L. Balmer

An accomplished cross-country skier in his youth, Switzerland-born Julien traveled extensively during his early twenties – seeking adventure and thirsting for the unknown and new. His search was amply rewarded when he became acquainted with the vastness of the authentic yoga system in the Himalayan foothills near Rishikesh in early 2002. It was there that he met Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, an accomplished Yogi who initiated him into the tradition of Hatha- and Kundalini-Yoga. Early experiences in his steady practice reassured him of the authenticity of the teachings and lead him to commit to this wonderful tradition of self-development after receiving his Master’s degree in Economics in 2003. Having lived, studied, and practiced in Asia for the past 8 years, Julien experienced the transformational power of the Yoga system first-hand and now wishes to share this treasure with others. Besides serving as a senior resident teacher at the Agama Yoga Thailand headquarters, Julien facilitates transformational workshops around the globe, creating a sacred space for his practical knowledge and experiential wisdom to overflow onto others.

He is teaching a variety of Tantric Yoga which differs from others in that it works on the circulation of energy in the body, the awareness of energies and the chakras, and thus the ability to feel, move and control energy within oneself is being trained. The focus is on the practice, but explanations will be given at times to assure a correct understanding of the underlying mechanics at work.

Having facilitated an extensive array of Mind/Body modalities as an instructor at some of the world’s most renown spiritual health & healing resorts, Julien is a dedicated and passionate full-time yogi bringing almost a full decade of experience in yoga, the healing arts and consciousness studies. Julien has been praised not only for helping to induce meditative states but also for his ability to consistently inspire transformative experience amongst his students. He looks forward to helping you rediscover the unique language of your soul and to nurturing your rebirth into a Universe where you are your own master. His classes are tailored for both beginners & more seasoned practitioners – anybody who wishes to get a first-hand experience of what authentic yoga can do is welcome. May your personal journey towards enhanced health, greater well-being, and inner growth be blessed.