Intuitive Tarot Readings

'Wild Courage' Life Coaching With Elle Harrison

ELLE HARRISON consults internationally as a Leadership Coach and workshop facilitator. Her passion is guiding people through change, helping them surface their intuition to find a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their work and life. She will be offering two types of private sessions at Kamalaya: Intuitive Tarot Readings and Coaching for the Soul. She will also hold two Dream Circle Workshops.

Intuitive Tarot Readings
Intuitive Tarot Readings offer deep insight into your inner world, bringing clarity and purpose during times of change. Intuitive Readings work at a soul level. They are not about ‘predicting the future,’ but rather an interactive conversation that can help to surface your own inner wisdom about choices and changes in your life.

Using Tarot as a trigger for intuitive insight, we explore questions around your life path, vocation, relationships, career or any other area you wish. Come with a specific question, or simply a curiosity to explore the big questions:

Coaching for the Soul
Coaching for the Soul is a journey back to your authentic self. Taking time out from the day to day, we explore the soul and how to bring more of it to your work and life.  This can support you in: Making changes
      -    Deepening your relationships
      -    Finding your vocation
      -    Developing your career
      -    Unleashing your creativity
      -    Restoring balance in your work and life

Dream Circle Workshop
“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” Jung
Dreams are a direct and fascinating way to catch a glimpse of what is going on in our inner world. Listening to our dreams can highlight parts of our selves that we are not yet fully aware of, and help to deepen our understanding of who we are. It can also guide us through choices and changes in our outer lives. 
In this workshop, we will:
    ·    Share some tips on how to remember dreams
    ·    Explore some basic tools to work with dreams
    ·    Deepen your relationship to your dreams
    ·    Practice uncovering the wisdom and insight of your own (and others’) dreams