Hypnotherapy and coaching

The Fuzion Mind Method

Gill is the co-director of Eos Seminars Ltd, based in Bournemouth, England where she and her husband, Kerin offer training courses in Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching to people who wish to become practitioners and help other people with the challenges they may face. They have jointly been offering training courses for 12 years.

What will she be offering at Kamalaya Koh Samui: The Fuzion Mind Method

What is the Fuzion Mind Method?
The Fuzion Mind Method is a combination of therapies and an integrated approach that may involve a mix of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, and/or Tapping Therapies.

What happens during a session?
Gill will perform an initial consultation with you and discuss the reasons for your appointment. From there, the appropriate elements of the variety of therapies will be brought into the session tailored to you.

Who can be helped?
Fuzion Mind Method may help people who are wishing to boost their confidence, perhaps have issues with low-esteem; those who wish to stop smoking, or know it's time for a lifestyle change. Many people who have chosen to change their relationship with food and have needed that extra external boost to make the right choices, have been helped by working with Gill. Other people who have been helped, are those who were ready to overcome fears and phobias, as well as people who had relationship issues either at a personal level, socially or professionally.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression sessions with Gill have been useful to a variety of people for different reasons. For some people, it answered questions as to why they are who they are today, perhaps why they respond in a certain way in certain situations, or how they interact with people. Sometimes they have felt really positive, or conversely, extremely negative around a particular person. Going back into past existences(s) via hypnosis has clarified the reasons for this. Other people have reasons of pure personal interest, which has led them to explore a life before this one.