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  Structural Alignment for Body and Mind with Dipika Wishart  

Structural Alignment for your Body and Mind with Dipika Wishart

Relieve deep stress and experience the bliss of stillness with this insightful hands-on treatment.  Structural Alignment works on your whole body, over clothes from head to toe to ease physical and emotional tension from your body and mind. It draws from a variety of techniques, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, and can change the way you experience your life.  

If you are feeling stuck in old patterns, suffering with emotional or physical pain, stiffness, stress, having difficulty sleeping, noticing mood swings, tired, unwell, or not like yourself, then you are likely to find this treatment helpful.  Based on common feedback, you may also feel lighter, taller, softer, free of pain and stress, calm and clear, energised, sleep better, feel happier and more like your true self.
Over time and with life, your body collects clutter.  This can be physical or emotional, from unresolved physical trauma or memories, and can often go hand in hand with habitual negative thought patterns.  A build up of stuck clutter can leave you feeling heavy, hard, stressed and stuck.  You may also find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour that are no longer useful for you.

Based on modern medical knowledge and understanding of the human body, a variety of diagnostic, assessment and treatment methods are used to untwist your body, releasing it of clutter.  Positive psychology and hypnosis on theta brainwave levels are also included, to affect the way you think. When your body is clear, light, balanced and free, your mind easily follows.  

SA is pain free and gentle to receive; most people fall into deep relaxation. Two or three treatments are recommended for lasting effect.  Please wear a tshirt and loose pants/leggings.  

About Dipika
After 12 years of working in the field of natural medicine, beginning with a Science Honours degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in London, Structural Alignment for Body and Mind was born.  Inspiration for this unique treatment comes from personal experiences and professional training in Acupuncture, Zero Balancing, Theta Healing, Swedish Massage, Reiki, hypnosis and meditation.  

Previous professional experience includes private General, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Specialist Gynae & Obstetric clinics in London and Brighton, in addition to a private hospital practice in Hove, East Sussex, in the UK.   

In 2010, during an emotionally difficult time and whilst suffering with pain from an old injury, Dipika experienced, first hand, the profound effects of this combination of techniques. As a result, she stopped being clumsy, was free of pain and found herself selling her clinics in the UK and moving to Koh Tao, Thailand.  In order to meet health wishes for tourists and expat locals, she co-founded Living Juices, a healthy raw food and juice cafe, and runs food workshops with her husband and young son.

Dipika continues to work internationally in the UK, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Thailand with imminent plans to visit Brazil and Australia in the near future.