Energy Healer & Transformational Coach

Customized Healing and Shamanic Journeys with Michele Cempaka

19th September - 2nd October

Michele is an internationally renowned Energy Healer, Transformational Coach, teacher and writer who specializes in transforming people's lives using a variety of tools & her own natural gifts of healing. She has been highly intuitive since childhood and realized that she had "hot hands' at the age of 19.

Customized Healing Session with Michele
This personalized session combines a variety of powerful tools for assisting you with clearing & healing any energetic blocks, fears, phobias or traumas. Michele can also help you access your higher self so that you can dismantle any limiting beliefs you may have about your self-image, health, love or money. Depart feeling totally relaxed and renewed!

Shamanic Journeys
An interactive healing session comprising ancient Shamanic journeying, guidance, visualization and channelling to help increase the flow of one's spiritual energy and higher potential. This personalized experience includes Usui Reiki and Chakra balancing with healing stones and quartz crystals. Melodic music and essential oils are also used to assist you in restoring your strength, balance and self-empowerment.

Treatments are personally designed for the client to assist him/her with healing on many levels. A variety of methods are utilized such as Energy Psychology which works with the meridians, Reiki, guided journeys, accessing one's wise mind to shift limiting beliefs, energy balancing and releasing of any implanted thought forms, judgments, or points of views which may be preventing the client from attaining greater peace, joy and love in his/her life. Energy healing is very beneficial for everyone from young to old. Almost all illness starts at an energetic level, so by discovering any imbalances early on, a person can prevent getting ill on all levels: mental, physical & emotional. Energetic healing is also excellent for de-stressing and rejuvenation. There is clear evidence that when we are at ease, we can actually slow down and in some cases, even reverse our aging process.

Michele has worked throughout Southeast Asia at several 5* luxury resorts and at many healing centers where she offers healings, readings & spiritual counseling. She receives direct transmissions from her guides, enabling her to offer her clients greater clarity about specific life issues & assist them with resolution. She has lived on Bali for ten years and incorporates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique teachings, providing a transformative healing experience for everyone she encounters.