Visceral balancing and lymphatic drainage Thailand

Core synthesis - cranio-sacral, visceral balancing and lymphatic drainage with Pat Thummanond

18th - 31st July

Core Synthesis is a gentle form of manual therapy, which uses light touch to achieve physical correction and self-realization, whilst integrating mind, body and spirit.

Pat uses a combination of three different techniques in her treatments:
-Craniosacral therapy to sooth the nervous system
-Visceral balancing to diffuse emotions from different organs
-Lymphatic drainage to assist the lymphatic flow, for more effective detoxification.

This combination is very effective at releasing 'energy cysts' from unresolved physical or emotional issues. It promotes a level of healing which can only be achieved when looking deep below the surface, both physically and emotionally.

Pat's treatments can be beneficial for those suffering from any of the following ailments or if you feel that your body could do with a general "tune up':
-Migraine or headaches
-Neurological issues
-Chronic neck & lower back pain
-Chronic fatigue syndrome
-Emotional stress
-Head trauma
-Digestive problems
-Female pelvic issues

Pat has over 20 years experience as a physical therapist and holds a Bachelor's degree in the subject from Mount Saint May's College in California. She is also a certified cranio-sacral therapist. Pat is also one of the teaching assistants for the Upledger institute for many of their courses taught worldwide. She is one of the contributing authors for the book " Working wonders" bringing to light the many wonders experienced from this modality. Pat is currently based in Phuket, Thailand.