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Buteyko Breath Reconditioning  therapy Koh Samui, Thailand

Buteyko Breath Reconditioning with Jac Vidgen

25 March-3 April 2010
Introductory talk at 18:30 pm on March 25th & 28th March, Alchemy Lounge

"The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing" - Lao-Tzu (4th cent. BC)

Retrain your breathing for better health, sounder sleep and an improved sense of wellbeing with Senior Buteyko Practitioner Jac Vidgen.

The Buteyko breath reconditioning method was developed by the late Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, who first formulated its principles during the 1950s. Buteyko's method provides a structure for developing more optimal breathing - which includes an understanding of some theory, as well as also how one's breathing relates to one's daily activities, plus some breathing exercises which focus on nasal breathing, managed breath-holding and relaxation.
The stresses of our modern lifestyle provoke us to over-breathe.  Buteyko based his method on the relationship between illness and chronic over-breathing, so the work is designed to teach people to breathe less, with a goal of retraining the breathing to a normal pattern, akin to certain forms of yoga. For more information, please visit www.buteykoasia.com

The method is world renowned for it's effectiveness for asthma, but, in fact, it provides a potent  treatment for a whole range of other conditions - especially anxiety, stress, sleep disorders (excellent results with snoring and sleep apnea), allergies, immune and hormone disfunction, hypertension, weight control etc.  Some students just seek to gain a very powerful, practical and portable tool to improve sports performance and/or general well-being.

Jac Vidgen has been working with Buteyko's method since 1993.  He was trained by a leading protege of Dr. Buteyko’s, Alexander Stalmatski, who wrote "Freedom from Asthma" and was featured in the BBC TV documentary about the method.

Jac introduced Buteyko's method of breathing reconditioning to Asia, and now works regularly around the region - particularly in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand. His work has been featured on CNN  and on Star World's Focus Asia.