Tarot card reader

Aura alignment with Shivani

17th - 26th June 2013

Shivani is regarded as one of the leading new age wellbeing consultants in the Middle East and the Gulf peninsula. She was born with ability to see colours, aura and energy fields. Her spiritual journey began 15 years ago when she gave up her lucrative job with Cathay Pacific Airways to pursue her spiritual goals. She lived in the Himalayan foothills for two years sharpening her skills and intuition. Her unique abilities and gifts have seen her travel the world and help thousands of people across the globe.

Shivani has further developed her expertise by acquiring a Masters degree in Sociology and is a Business Practitioner of NLP from the Australian School of NLP. In addition to these qualifications, she holds a Masters Practitioner's degree in Feng Shui and is a certified Tarot card reader. Drawing on her eighteen years of designing, training and coaching expertise, Shivani offers powerful personal growth workshops and private consultations.

Her background in training has helped her to develop unique wellbeing workshops for the corporate sector and mainstream audience. In addition to these clients, Royal families and Bollywood personalities consult her on a regular basis in the Middle East. Shivani also undertakes Feng Shui consultations in the Middle East and across the globe.

Her focus is to help her clients align their lives, by balancing their inner and outer environments. Inner alignment is achieved though Aura Alignment workshops and private consultations, while outer alignment is achieved by implementing Feng Shui Alignment.