Benefits of Atomic Healing

Atomic Healing with Carlos Palada

Atomic healing is a new & ancient healing modality, which was originated by the Essenes in 200 BC. It energises and re-integrates all the subatomic, cellular and molecular structures through your light-soul level, releasing pain, karma and mental, spiritual and physical blockages via the breath and cosmic energy.

How does Atomic Healing Work?
Carlos will begin your private session with a discussion about your life situation, during which time any problems you may have will be identified for attention. He will then explain the healing process in detail, so that you understand the treatment and feel completely comfortable at all times. As you lie down and relax, Carlos will identify your energy blockages, before clearing, realigning and balancing your energy fields and chakras. This will be a relaxing and meditative journey like no other.  As Atomic healing is performed fully clothed, wearing loose clothing is suggested for your comfort.

Some Benefits of Atomic Healing
·    The release of current and past traumas
·    Feeling healthier and more energised
·    Recovering the ability to feel loved and optimistic
·    Releasing negative set patterns and negative feelings
·    Releasing stored emotions, blockages and obstacles
·    Relief of physical back and neck pains
·    Migraines, sleep deprivation, anxiety and more
·    Gaining clarity, focus, direction and security
·    Recovering power and the strength to make decisions
·    Reconnecting with Mother Earth

What can you release?
Physical pain, emotional pain, insecurities, lack of clarity and direction, fear of change, absenteeism, fear, uncertainty, frustration, anger, confusion, failure, disappointment, resentment, blame, disloyalty, anxiety, negative energy, aggression, feeling lost or stuck in a rut, worry, manipulation, excessive procrastination, complications and others...

What can you gain from Atomic Healing?
Energy, vitality, trust, freedom, enjoyment & fun, clarity, courage, persistence, excitement, success, encouragement, confidence, determination, a positive attitude, a new direction, strength, acceptance, kindness, reliability, tolerance, joy and others...

About Carlos
Carlos Palada is of Spanish/Mayan descent and was raised in Central America, however has lived in Australia for the past 23 years. His work has taken him around the world; to Asia, Europe, South America and Australia, where he has taught and healed more than 20,000 people and facilitated hundreds of workshops. Originally trained as a Civil & Structural Engineer, Carlos became a healer after a major transformational experience in 1994, when he underwent life-threatening sinus surgery.