Sundao Healing practice

The Art of Breathing and Healing with Master Yu

Vibrational healing Koh Samui Thailand‘
Sundao’ is an ancient forest mind/body training for self-mastership based on postures and breathing meditation which revitalize the autonomic nervous system and the body’s capacity for self-healing. It is a safe and scientific training system based on the belief that a healthy human body and mind is essential for the possibility of spiritual growth toward wisdom and peace within humanity.

This workshop is a systematic program designed to help you become familiar with the general approach of (Sundao) ‘Mountain Daoist’ mind & body training and to help you get a deeper understanding of holistic health, which includes the total and complete awakening of your body, mind and spirit.
Sundao practice offers the opportunity to explore yourself, transform your fears and pain into consciousness, deepen your self-understanding, strengthen your inner-witness awareness, and experience the stillness of your inner being. Designed to reintegrate body, mind and spirit within, this workshop is highly recommended for those who wish to realign with their true nature and life purpose.

This Sundao workshop with Master Yu, Jae-Sheen, focuses on practice that includes systematic mindfulness meditation to direct our attention to the true nature of reality and to the development of penetrating insight and wisdom. In meditation, we focus our awareness on the ever-changing present moment with the breath. Through the practice, we cultivate the capacity to perceive the truth in all experience. This practice helps develop wisdom and compassion, giving rise to greater peace and happiness.

This workshop will teach you how to unblock your energy yourself, simply and effectively.
You will learn also how to:
• heal your pain, depression, chronic fatigue and even illness
• release the blocks that sabotage your health and cloud your consciousness
• discover what prevents you from surrendering to what is
• transform your misfortune into blessing, creativity, and Joy
• increase your courage and self-power
• disidentify from your ego-mind and strengthen your inner witness
• connect to and trust your inner knowing
• experience the silence and stillness of your inner Being
• gain clarity on your life’s purpose
• become your own healer and heal yourself into consciousness.

About Master Yu
Master Yu, Jae- is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic practitioners of Sundao. A master healer, mystic, spiritual teacher trained in South Korea, and author of the book Sundao - “An invitation to mountain Daoist practice”. After arriving in the United States in 1998, he opened practices in California and Arizona, USA. Currently the program the director of “International School of Sundao” and “Sundao USA”, he organizes Sundao Healing practice workshops, study tours, and retreats in Europe, Russia, Central America, and East Asia. With his lively, enthusiastic healing and teaching style, he illuminates the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of the ancient arts and philosophy. He has helped many people in their process of spiritual growth and transformation.