Sensomotoric Release and Anusara Yoga

Sensomotoric Release and Anusara Yoga with Michael Schörnig and Bettina Keller

Power Chant concert, ZENvitality, Anusara-Inspired Yoga workshops
26th October - 8th November 2016
Please join us in welcoming to Kamalaya Bettina Keller and Michael Schörnig for their PowerChant concert nights, various classes and private sessions. Whether it is Pain Release Therapy, yoga or a holistic workout, Bettina and Michael have the experience and skills – inspired from the ancient mystical traditions of the East - to arouse your spirit and to help bringing the body into a state of ecstatic wellbeing.

Pain Release Therapy
Do you have a nagging pain that is limiting your enjoyment of daily life? PRT can effectively dissolve the intensity of acute and chronic pain in a series of sessions.
At the end of each session, Michael explaines customized stretching exercises to every client. This is as an important part of your recovery and home practise, in order to extend your range of motion again.
Benefits: dissolving acute and chronic back pain, neck-& shoulder pain, migraine, tennis-& golf elbow and sports injuries.

ZENvitality with Michael Schörnig (
Michael incorporates the use of a rattan cane or "Bo' staff in this unique workout to guide practitioners through soft and gentle movements into a meditative state of awareness. Benefits: The use of the Bo inspires concentration and a pathway inside the spirit. The ideal burn-out  prophylaxis.

Anusara-inspired Yoga classes, private Yoga therapy & Life coaching with Bettina Keller (
Anusara Yoga is built on the traditional tecniques of Hatha Yoga and extended through realisations from modern research. Anusara Yoga puts importance on the connection to the heart and on a harmonious alignment of the postures in order to enable an optimal flow of energy throughout the body.
Benefits: Inner joy and the sense of freedom in the body are results of the practice.

In private Yoga therapy & Life coaching sessions you can not only get individual Yoga practice advice, but also any personal issues on the physical, mental or emotional level can be dealt with through Yoga therapy.
Benefits: Bettina's approach and her attitude of seing the greatness & potential in everyone helps to feel uplifted, present, clearer in the mind and positive about your own life. Check it out!

Power Chant Concert
Experience the expanding power of ancient Mantras sung by Bettina and Michael. You will feel revitalised, full of joy and inner peace.

Biography – Michael Schörnig & Bettina Keller
Michael is the founder of the Swiss ZENvitality Academy and has 15 years of experience in bodywork. He has a degree in Pain Release Therapy (PRT). As a yogi he loves to chant kirtans and indian mantras, being also a member of the band "2RAM" (

Yoga has been the major focus and great passion for Bettina since 1997. She works as an Anusara-inspired yoga teacher as well as a Yoga therapist & Live coach. Often she leads yoga workshops and yoga holidays in different countries together with Michael. As a singer & musician she performs with her band "ž2RAM" at concerts and festivals and brings people together to discover their own voice and heart.