"RELEASING" with Wayne Walker

Release the past to be in the present
"Release the past to be in the present...gain a better life perspective and a deeper sense of inner peace".

Are you really present, here and now? Or are you simply repeating behaviour, thoughts and feelings from the past? RELEASING is a powerful technique to let go of mental and emotional baggage so we can easily access our natural state of deep peace and love. RELEASING does not require any touching of the physical body. Wayne is divinely guided which makes releasing a gentle yet very powerful healing technique.

During a session, Wayne combines the RELEASING technique with his clairvoyant abilities to assist people to connect with their own guidance and to identify energy blocks and release them. These blockages come from experiences in this lifetime and from past lifetimes.

RELEASING addresses unresolved issues from childhood, dysfunctional relationships and past lifetimes can affect us strongly in the present. RELEASING them gives us a clearer perspective of the past and a deeper sense of peace and overall wellbeing in the present.
Wayne Walker

Wayne Walker is a clairvoyant spiritual healer and teacher. He has been practising the RELEASING technique for ten years to help people from all backgrounds to let go of their painful pasts and to be truly present. Born in New Zealand, he has facilitated RELEASING workshops and personal sessions in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and India in his goal to help people let go of their mental and emotional pain and patterns and open their hearts, realizing their own divinity. His approach is very loving, gentle and non-judgmental.