Vibrational healing Koh Samui Thailand

Music workshops & performances around the resort with Anne Ridgway & Rosie McDonald

11th - 24th April

Anne and Rosie have been collaborating musically and performing together since 2004. They present their original and soulful songs in an acoustic folk style with a jazz twist. Two smooth, mellow voices with rich and sometimes haunting harmonies, combine with intricate, ambient chord progressions and percussive, rhythmic guitar work to express the power of the human spirit.

Catch Anne and Rosie performing around the resort between 12th and 21st April and enjoy a special concert on 20th April from 9pm - 10pm whilst watching the floating lanterns on the beach.

Anne and Rosie have conducted numerous workshops in varied settings from palliative care groups to homebirth midwife conferences. They will hold two workshops at Kamalaya:

Singing on the Breath – 14th April
"Singing on the breath' means singing from the most essential vocal organ, the diaphragm. Gaining strength and breath control opens the door to your voice's limitless possibilities. This workshop will also focus on the joy of singing and the beauty of healing sounds created by singing in harmony!

Sowing the Seeds of Songwriting – 19th April
Using guided meditation with a combination of sounds, music and tibetan bowls; creative ideas and inspiration can be accessed. Brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques are used to give people the basic tools for unpacking ideas and pictures, sowing the seeds for constructing a song!