Intuitive Personal Readings, Healing and Channeling


Listen to the heartbeat of your soul
21st - 27th October 2012

 A retreat with internationally-respected spiritual teacher and intuitive healer, Anna Hughes, celebrating female empowerment, inner strength and spiritual growth 
Discover the spiritual essence of your feminine energy in a week of self empowerment and personal growth.
•  Are you satisfied professionally, but find yourself searching for a deeper sense of personal fulfilment?
•  Have you achieved a great deal in life, but still yearn to connect with the nature of your true spiritual being?
•  Do you want to remember how to access your inner strength and feel empowered by your womanhood?
•  Do you feel the desire to take a break from the daily grind and spend time rediscovering the joy of living, sharing laughter, joy and inspiration with other dynamic women from around the world?
Are you ready to restore, refresh, rebalance, regenerate and reconnect with the scope of your own power? 
Join Anna for a gentle yet powerful exploration and navigation of a woman's spiritual essence: Dynamic Woman - Listen to the Heartbeat of Your Soul. In the company of like-minded women you will learn to understand the truth about Unconditional Love as the energy of Creation and how to work with these energies as you set a new course, and deeply explore yourself, your connection with your Spirit and attain a stronger feeling of fulfilment in your Life.
Working with the energies of the five elements as our connection with nature and Anna's deep understanding of how to navigate, access and apply deeper consciousness in everyday life, the retreat explores the power and joy of the feminine spirit in community with other women.
This is your opportunity to shift your perspectives, acknowledge your Life choices and gain a deeper personal understanding of who you really are.

In holiday mode? Non-participating partners and spouses are welcome.

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About Anna

Thirteen years ago, whilst at the top of an exciting career in international financial communication, and after a brush with breast cancer (which from the onset she decided she was neither going to be frightened of nor listen to anyone else's belief system about), Anna Hughes decided that she was no longer willing to live her life in any sort of compromise, seeking instead her own definition of self, in co-operation and harmony with All That Is.

She knew she had to start with her inner, or spiritual self and worked from the inside to recalibrate this part of herself with Unconditional Love to create an onward momentum of growth through acceptance and grace. Always fully-focused, determined and dedicated to everything she does, she also learned when and how to let go and trust in her own higher power as a part of life's bigger picture. At the same time she remembered too how to laugh - mostly at herself!

A woman of great vision, Anna then devoted her life to spiritual growth, gentle, inner strength and to guiding people to see themselves in terms of their greater selves. She now travels the world sharing her insights and understandings in terms of energy, higher consciousness and awareness. 

"In the state of spiritual growth, grace and inner strength, Life changes, unequivocally and the body very often heals itself." - Anna Hughes

Through her work, her private and corporate clients gain the courage to express who they are, and fulfil personal goals to live in peace, joy, compassion and harmony with themselves, and each other. The ability and willingness to do this comes from an understanding and acceptance of who we all really are and our relationship with each other and All That Is. 

As the founder of Cyprus-based OneTouch Organisation, Anna and her team share inspiration, peace and joy globally through signature events, exhibitions, seminars and conferences designed to assist people see more clearly the bigger picture of life. Private sessions with Anna include readings, personal vision quests, spiritual mentorship and healing. 

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