Akashic Readings and Soul Path Clearing with Zeo Sheehan

Are you ready to accelerate your conscious journey to move forwards with more clarity and grace, more empowered to create the fulfillment in your life you seek?

An Akashic Reading is an easy way to receive the pointers, wisdom and healing that you need directly from spirit, through the medium of Zeo Sheehan, by relaxing and simply choosing to receive.
An Akashic Reading includes:
• channeled guidance from the enlightened realms
• deep healing directly from spirit
• an overview of what is happening & why
• potent keys to transform old patterns
• ability to receive  specific guidance through your personal questions
• release of some of the deepest limitations which are creating reoccurring challenges or unfulfilling dynamics in your preset life  experience

Receive the awakening of something new and a clearing that will support your true path and wholistic experience of life to unfold with more grace.
Essentially the Soul Path clearing is the same as the Akashic reading, but additionally, you receive an additional 30 min. of profound channeled crystal-sound clearing through the chakras and all dimensions of the heart. This facilitates a deeper connection to your joyful nature and higher self for more of your essence to merge with you and prepares the etheric/physical body for a higher level of frequency.. so the healing that happens during the reading is deepened and the new energies/blueprints/gifts of one's soul are anchored into the physical dimension at an accelerated rate.. so less integration is required.. soul path and purpose open faster as a result.. (great for people with busybusy lives..)

-    extended healing session, incorporates hands-on channeling to clear the heart and prepare the physical body to a higher level of frequency (as well as an initial Akashic Record Reading)
-    anchoring of new energies with the use of crystals & crystal sound
-    supports immediate integration of new gifts and manifestation of true soul path/purpose
-    results in increased clarity, purpose, joy and harmony in all aspects of your life

Zeo Sheehan is a divine channel, spiritual healer and teacher with 16 years of experience and dedication in the area of spirituality, healing and natural health.
He is specialised in providing channeled guidance from the enlightened beings for all life areas, Akashic readings for clearing of present- and past life karma and crystal sound healing to dissolve stagnant/old energies and create deep balance.