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Biomechanical Restructuring with Valerie Revering

5th - 10th October

Biomechanical Restructuring is a body treatment technique which has been in development since 1987. BMR is a technique that encourages your bones and muscles to work together instead of against each other, ending the constant struggle within your musculoskeletal system. Muscles don't get tight for the heck of it. They're usually trying to put a bone back in place. Likewise, bones don't go out of place for the heck of it. Trauma and dysfunction occur; the muscles that attach to them become overstretched and compromised. Using BMR, we're able to get the bones back in place and release the muscle attachments so that everything stays in place.

With this technique, your sessions will actually "hold" longer. Feel better, move more smoothly, breathe deeper. BMR is based in the belief that the human body can heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a guiding hand.